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The story behind the CAPFISH® can be found in all of us. It all began with a beer and a rod. Well almost. Add a filet knife, a fish, another beer and you will have the full cast behind our story. How often is a person able to combine the very things they enjoy doing, call it art and find out someone will actually feel about it the way that I do? Such was the case with CAPFISH® Creations. What started out as a love for fishing and beer somehow evolved into bottle cap art, specifically of fish. Like most art and craft creations, my CAPFISH® have transformed over the years beginning first with trial and error around the use of paint, metals and the interpretation of the fish itself. As time went by with practice and much feedback from friends, family and buyers, today's CAPFISH® are created to resemble the actual fish or as close as you can get utilizing bottle caps and spray paint.

The CAPFISH® logo was designed to highlight the features of the letters with the key attributes of a typical fish. It seemed at the time to be a natural fit and is becoming increasingly popular not just for the fishing community, but all outdoor enthusiasts. The original logo was retired in 2015. My wife still covets the napkin it was conceived on.

In 2017 we introduced "Drink & Release". This new movement can relate to all of us in one way or another. Caps, Visor and other gear are now available that feature the Capfish and Drink & Release logos with much more products and apparel to come. Now everyone can join the and support the Drink & Release™ movement every day whether it is through the displaying of art or with the CAPFISH® brand apparel.

I certainly hope you enjoy your CAPFISH® purchase as much as I have in creating them.


Capt. J.Gray