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Track Your Shirt. About Your T-Shirt Homegrown T Your product is made, from dirt-to-shirt, in the USA from 100% ringspun cotton. Just go to http://solidstate.guide/ and enter your specific shirt code!

Tracking label inside shirt collar
Uniquely Yours
Your shirt is uniquely labeled, and no shirt now or in the future will ever have that same number. From that number you can derive an enormous amount of information, found right on this site, about who made your shirt, and how.

Shirt with measuring tape
Dependable Sizing
Most products you buy might be the same size off the rack, but can become dramatically different after wash. Your shirt has been engineered to fit the same every time - after shrinkage. And because we garment dye each and every tee, it will fit right out of the box, and stay that way forever.

Reinforced Seams
Your shirt is made with durability in mind. Every seam is sewn with high quality, 100% cotton thread designs to flex and move with you. An extra safety stitch is added throughout for added strength, and to prevent runs.

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Tape
Your shirt is held up by your shoulders, which means those seams experience the most stress during normal wear. Reinforcement along the shoulders and back neck is essential for making sure your new favorite tee stays that way for the long haul. We use a flat piece of fabric called "neck tape" to add both the necessary reinforcement, and a nice finished look in the collar.

Chain Stitch
We pay attention to finish details when engineering your shirt. A single needle stitch around the collar helps keep the seam flat, which makes the shirt more comfortable and better looking.